7 Inch Tablets Under $300 – The Amazon Kindle Fire!

kindle-fire-hd-8With a myriad of options in the market, what are the best 7 inch tablets under $300? There are several factors that should be kept in mind while purchasing an Android tablet. As much as consumers are keen on getting cheap prices, it is worth noting that performance has to count for something. Features and specifications fo the tablet should be carefully analyzed so as to get the best of both sides. Important factors such as the battery life, processor speed, portability and internal storage should be considered when shopping around for the best deal you can get.

So what are the best 7-inch tablets under $300? Some sites like TabletNinja offers excellent guides covering the top options available. One tablet that stands out is the Amazon Kindle Fire which has received high accolades among consumers. More than its affordability, Kindle Fire is portable, light and smaller as compared to many other types of Android tablets available in the market. This feature has made the 7 inch Kindle Fire be rated among the best Android tablets in the market today. Those buying this tablet receive benefits especially by joining the Amazon prime membership club.

Favored for its dynamism, the Kindle Fire justifies its presence among many of the best options available with thousands of magazines, books, novels and children stories that can easily be purchased and downloaded. Today’s, Kindle Fire version is available in amazing bright and vibrant shades. Gone are the days when black or white were the only options available. Users can enjoy a high definition display, which comes close to more costly tablets sold today.

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Downloading apps is made easy with the Kindle Fire. Popular apps such as Hulu Plus, Netflix and Pandora can easily be downloaded straight to the tablet. Unlike other tablets in the market today, the Kindle Fire is affordable and comes at a price of $ 199. This price is affordable to many consumers who may not afford purchasing Apples iPad 3 at $ 899.

Another major selling point of the Kindle Fire is that it has the ability of storing all of your data on Amazon Cloud at no cost. Unbelievable, yes, this is one of the best features available on this tablet. A majority of other companies charge a fee for storing their client’s data on cloud. This feature has attracted many users who enjoy free back up services by using their affordable tablet.

Consumers are assured of getting value for money by using Kindle Fire. The option of becoming a prime member of Amazon is also available. The benefit of becoming a member is that you enjoy watching popular movies and TV shows without any limitations. Prime members can also select hundreds of books to borrow at no cost. Since the Kindle Fire is cheap, you can use the money saved to purchase Amazon Prime membership and enjoy the benefits that come along with it.

Generally, the Kindle Fire has cut across the market to become the market leader among Android tablets. Featuring wonderful apps, an amazing display, cloud storage, affordable price and other extra benefits for Amazon prime members, this brand remains unmatched in the market. Looking for an Android tablet, buy the Amazon Kindle Fire. With the information above is is easy to find a reliable 7 inch tablets under $300.

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